Lube oil, Fuel oil and water pumps

The water and fuel pumps provided by Radion are manufactured by hp-Technik, Germany and by Desmi, Denmark.
Heavy fuel pump types:
A wide capacity range of Heavy Fuel pumps of various pressure ratings.
Light fuel pump types:
Oil, water, kerosene and diesel fuel. These pumps have a wide capacity range too and are designed for various pressure ratings.
The DESMI Group:
(previously: De Smithske pumps). DESMI produces a wide selection of pumps:

Centrifugal pumps for machine rooms applications
Positive displacement pumps for machine rooms applications
Pumps for special applications

Gear Pumps: For general purposes, for heavy duty applications, for the petrochemical and chemical duty, for environmental duty, and as closed coupled pumps.
Vertical screw pumps

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