Gas Turbine

Vericor produces the TF series for the marine applications.

Marine Propulsion – Reliable Power & Speed

Today’s marine propulsion systems must provide faster vessel speed, enable greater payloads or deliver more power per square foot of machinery space. When vessel speed is critical and space is a premium, gas turbines can be an ideal solution.

For fast patrol boats, fast attack craft, corvettes and hovercraft as well as commercial applications such as fast ferries and mega-yachts, marine propulsion is made simple with Vericor’s aero-derivative gas turbine-based power plants. Our marine propulsion offerings, ranging from 4,000 to 10,000 shp are based on the TF Series gas turbines.

Compact & Lightweight
Vericor's TF Series gas turbines are compact, lightweight and provide many times the horsepower over diesel engines for the same installed weight at a lower installed volume. With a cold-end drive, the gas turbine can be integrated into the package by cantilever mounting directly to the reduction gear, or mounting to a horizontal support frame and coupled to the reduction gear with a shaft and coupling.

The TF Series turbines can provide efficient power to a variety of propulsors including fixed and variable pitch propellers, waterjets and, in the case of hovercraft, air props. The small size and light weight features of the TF Series also allow for the installation of single or multiple gas turbines in combined system configurations.

Marine Propulsion System Configurations:
Vericor can provide military and commercial marine customers with stand alone power plants or combined with diesels to form CODAG,CODOG and COGAG systems. Our propulsion packages can be designed to integrate two or three TF Series gas turbines in either a "side-by-side" or and "over/under" or “Tri-pak”   configuration depending on the space constraints in the hull.

The TF Series Marine Gas turbine engines including the TF40, ETF40B and TF50A offer the ideal solution for marine power where compact size and light weight can
be translated to faster vessel speed, greater payload, or simply more power per foot of machinery space. The design of the TF Series engines allows simple cantilever
mounting from the reduction gear, which results in both the lightest weight installation possible and the most efficient design. With more than 50 years of heritage originating with the Lycoming Engine Company, the rugged TF Series gas turbines have accumulated hundreds of thousand of hours in military and commercial service around the world.
Propulsion Applications:

Fast attack craft
Fast patrol boats
Mega yachts
Fast ferries
Power Generation
Military and commercial vessels with integrated electrical
power systems

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