Established in 1992, AAEON is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of advanced industrial and embedded computing platforms today. Committed to innovative engineering, AAEON provides integrated solutions, hardware and services for premier OEM/ODMs and system integrators worldwide. Reliable and high quality computing platforms include industrial motherboards and systems, industrial displays, rugged tablets, PC/104, PICMG and COM modules, embedded SBCs, embedded controllers, network appliances and related accessories. AAEON also offers customized end-to-end services from initial product conceptualization and product development on through to volume manufacturing and after-sales service programs.


Zamakona Yards, one of Spain's main shipbuilding and ship-repair groups delivered a new Tug Boat "Elad" to Haifa Port. The new tug follows in footsteps of twin MAN 8L27/38-powered sister.
The new tug 'Elad' is a sister to the 'Ilan I', which began towing and general harbor operations at Haifa Port in 2012.

The new tug is equipped with 2 Voith 32R5 propulsion units coupled to the two MAN 8L27/38 main engines, each developing 2,670 kW. This particular set-up will maximize harbor maneuverability and minimize emissions as well as noise and vibration levels.
Voith Schneider propellers are specialized, highly maneuverable marine-propulsion systems that can change the direction of thrust almost instantaneously. They are widely used on tugs and ferries.

DieselFacts magazine


An article titled "Powerful New Tug ‘Ilan I’ MakesIsraeli Debut in Port of Haifa" was published in the DieselFacts magazine.

Press here for the Magazine. The article is on pages 8-9




MAN new course catalogue for 2013

The MAN PrimeServ Academies are pleased to present to you the new course catalogue for 2013. In there you will find all training locations and courses offered by MAN Diesel & Turbo regarding the operation and maintenance of your engines, turbomachineries, turbochargers, propellers and remote control systems.

Please contact us and we will send you a copy of the catalogue.

Berndorf Band GmbH - Spring Event

Berndorf Band GmbH manufacturer of steel belts is planning a spring event at beginning of May 2012.
The event is free of charge and includes the hotel, food and transportation from and to the airport.

See attached the program.

For further details please contact

Atlas Incinerators

Radion Engineering acts as the exclusive representative in Israel for Atlas Incinerators product line.
Pls review their product list and services offered in the web site;

Product safety warning for TCR14, TCR16, TCR18, TCR20 and TCR22 MAN Diesel & Turbo turbochargers

MAN Diesel & Turbo SE Alert Service Bulletin ASB2011/12/09

Press HERE to download

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Engineering the Future with MAN Diesel & Turbo

For more details and for approving your participation, please email:

Press here to download the event program

MAN PrimeServ Holeby

MAN PrimeServ Holeby (4 stroke) presents a Spare Parts Kits Catalogue.
This enables you to find the right spare parts kits for your specific engine type.
The spare parts kits are shown with full plate and item numbers for smooth and fast handling when requesting a quotation or placing an order.
The link below takes you directly to the new spare parts kits catalogue:
Should you need further assistance pls contact us.

Bitzer has Implemented compact screw Series

The new CSH.3 series has been optimized for air cooled chillers and for heat pump applications.
In the new version the relevant connection points have been kept in the same position as in the previous version in order to minimize the replacement efforts.
Main differences of the CSH.3 compared to the CSH.1:
* Enlarged Application Diagram
The minimum condensing temperature limit has been lowered.
The (maximum) evaporating temperature field has been enlarged.
The maximum permitted pressure ratio has been increased (heat pump operation).
* Improvement of the energy efficiency at full load and part load conditions
An efficiency improvement up to and over 10% has been achieved, compared to the previous version.


Press here to download the catalogue

New Updated Programme Booklets

MAN B&W and MAN Marine and Stationary Engines
Marine Engine IMO Tier II Programme booklet has been replaced by the following revised edition:
Marine Engine
Programme 2nd edition
4510-0008-01ppr April 2010
Stationary Engine Programme has been replaced by the following revised edition:
Stationary Engine
Programme 2nd edition
4520-0005-01ppr April 2010
The new booklets include the complete engine programmes of the entire MAN Diesel & Turbo group, i.e. low speed and medium speed engines.
You are welcome to order a hardcopy, free of charge,

MAN Diesel & Turbo and HHM

Dear colleagues,
Please be informed that MDT has recently signed a co-operation agreement with Hudong Heavy Machinery (HHM) – on the interface co-ordination between the two-stroke engines and our CP propellers.
The target is to ensure that the propulsion plant (M.E., CPP, controls and PTO, if any) is optimized and coordinated as a package. All parties will benefit from this, i.e.
-        Owners will have an optimized plant with correct lay-out of CPP and engine SMCR offering lowest operational costs (lowest fuel oil consumption)
-        Yards will have better package overview, less risk and no unforeseen extra costs
-        HHM and MDT will have less risk and smoother order handling
The main focus area in the co-operation agreement is:
-        Coordinated approach and joint optimization of the propulsion plant
-        Alignment of tensional vibration issues
-        Alignment of interface issues between controls
-        Alignment of shafting/plant arrangement
-        Agreement on inclusion of PTO arrangement (MDT will include types BW II and BW IV – and HHM will include type BW III (built on engine))
The agreement is used both if MDT and HHM sell CPP and M.E. to the yard in separate contracts (Standard scenario) – and if MDT sells the CPP to HHM, which then delivers the package to the yard.
We believe this agreement is beneficial to our clients - and with this we co-ordinate the package better and in areas which CP propeller competitors cannot do.  It is MAN’s intention to enter similar agreements with other MDT two-stroke engine licensees.

Fees for Technical Assistance and Advisory Work 2010

MAN B&W has published Service Letter SL10-522 informing owners and operators of MAN B&W two-stroke engines of PrimeServ’s prices on service rendered from Denmark and service centers around the world.
Press here for a list of PrimeServ Centers, Terms and Conditions and fees in EURO for Technical Service.
Any question or assistance can be directed to Radion Engineering at,

"Aclima" Exhibition for Air-Conditioning, Refrigeration and Ventilation.

We participated in the "Aclima" Exhibition for Air-Conditioning, Refrigeration and Ventilation that took place between 27-29th October at the Tel-Aviv Exhibition Grounds Hall. Here are some photos from the exhibition:


For more images press here



Danfoss – new ICS control valves

Danfoss started to sale new type ICS control valves. Now it is possible to order ICS3- 100-150 as well.

With the last extension, ICS family covers the complete range of the old PM.
As in the previous models also the last one does not use flange, therefor the risk of leakage from gaskets is drastically reduced .


To download catalogs press here

"Aclima" Exhibition for Air-Conditioning, Refrigeration and Ventilation.

Radion is participating in the "Aclima" Exhibition for Air-Conditioning, Refrigeration and Ventilation.
Come to visit us on 27-29th October at the Tel-Aviv Exhibition Grounds Hall 11 Booth 215.

Technology & Integrative Multimedia in Museums and exhibitions

The use of technology and interactive multimedia in museums, help advance human cognition, by giving preference to the perceptual and experiential rather than the analytical.


Radion Engineering Co. Ltd. has been promoting this concept in museums, in the last few years, through its activity as an "Integration" Company, where it has been active already for many years. Radion's technological skills, know-how and innovativeness, together with access to top quality products, - ( e.g. Very large interactive displays, incorporating multi-media systems multiple screens multi-user/multi-touch some of which 'patent pending'), enable solve complex problems and execute curators' visions.


Treatment of Archives – Open & experiential – The "Yizkor Memorial Hall at GFH (Ghetto Fighters' House at Kibbutz Lochamei Hagetaot).

New approach to the display/use of archives.


Upgrade of Museums –

The Alexander Museum of Postal History & Philately
at The Eretz Israel Museum, Tel-Aviv

The high cost involved in setting up new multimedia displays & exhibitions especially at times of budget restraints, increase the need to build with minimal changes to the already present infrastructure and data base, new content and experience.

GEA Ecoflex Plate Heat Exchangers

Highlights of special features of the GEA Ecoflex Plate Heat Exchangers

· Welding of the steel plates.

· Uniformity of flow of media in the plate

· Eased of service due GEA PHE structure

· Increased the lifespan of the seals.


For further details download the file from the Heat Exchangers page

New products in the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Department

The following products are now available through our Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Department:


New smart evaporator controller with electronic expansion valve

Pack controller with modulating design to fit all compressors applications

New Boolean Logic modulating gateway with light control


For further information please contact us at:


Press here to download Hebrew description of the products.

Hi Tech Technologies

We participated in the "Hi-Tech Technologies" exhibition, the main electronics exhibition in Israel. The exhibition took place between March 16-17 2009.


Radion Engineering Company

Radion Engineering Company markets and sells components and systems in several fields of activity.
It can provide technical solutions, service and support to the various applications within its scope of expertise and supply. These benefit from the inherent synergy within the company's fields of activity.
Radion's strength lies in its competent, highly qualified and dedicated staff.





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