26.02.09, 12:27

MAN updates


Product Presentation updates

Product Presentation updates
We are very pleased to inform you about the following updated product presentations:

·      L58/64
·      L+V 32/40
·      L+V 48/60B
·      L+V 32/40DF
·      L+V 51/60DF
·      V 32/40PGI
The presentations now include up-to-date technical data, latest TBO data, measurements to fulfill emissions regulations, new electronic features and references.
If you have access to the intranet, you can find all updated presentations for download on Compass -> GM -> GMP. You also have the option to download pages from these presentations from the Cumulus power point database, which is based on Compass -> GM -> GMC.
If you do not have access to Compass, please contact Radion Engineering at: projects@radion.co.il

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