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Radion Engineering Co. Ltd. was established in 1947 and is a private, family-owned company. Since its start the company has been actively representing, on an exclusive basis, leading manufacturers from around the world.

Radion started as a components' supplier for the Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning industry (through its representation of Danfoss A/S, Denmark). This activity still continues today, but nowadays Radion is able to supply also complete technical solutions and systems for these applications. Radion is considered a market leader in this field, acting as the exclusive representative for several of the world's leading suppliers.

Radion's activity developed & diversified covering Instrumentation (e.g. variable speed drives and flow meters) & Control equipment extending further to DDC control systems for BMS (building Management Systems) and specialized industrial applications such as medical, industrial & HVAC.

The in-house software expertise is enhanced by the electronic components and subsystems which Radion is marketing, as well as by the specific know-how in the field of embedded computing system integration.

Over the years, Radion extended its activity to other industrial areas and has, through representation of leading global manufacturers, a complete line of heavy industrial equipment - Marine & Power; Meat & Poultry Processing & Rendering Plants.
It participates in tenders for the supply of equipment for ships and for complete Power Station projects, as well as in projects for supply of equipment to Poultry Plants.

The company’s strategy always aimed to be the best in each of its diversified fields and to synergize between them. Thus industrial projects benefit from the refrigeration, control & software expertise Radion is able to offer as well as from additional services, including integration, modification and design of equipment capability to fit customers’ needs.

This synergy has proven to be a source of strength to Radion, as well as to the companies it represents. It also helped identify Radion as a ‘Solutions’ Provider’ and not just as a components’ supplier.

Radion has a team of over 40 people - sales engineers, technicians and back up office staff. It occupies a 4-storey office building in an Industrial zone, close to a major junction in the vicinity of Tel-Aviv. It has storage facilities, laboratory, display and over-the-counter sales capabilities -total area of over 1,500 m2. This is the company's central facility which provides also maintenance, after-sales and repair service.  In addition, Radion has archive and store facilities in other locations.

Radion is ISO 9001:2000 approved since 1999



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