Gas Detectors

Gas detection and leak detection are two distinct activities that cover the same topic, but their methods are very different.
Gas detection covers the analysis of air samples to determine whether they contain refrigerant gas.
Leak detection is a systematic inspection of a refrigeration system to determine whether it is leaking. The terms gas detection and leak detection are not interchangeable, and must not be mixed.

Leak detection equipment is normally hand held equipment used for detection of leaks in refrigeration systems.
There are several types of leak detectors available from single techniques like soapy water to sophisticated electrical instruments.

Gas detection equipment is usually used in a fixed installation with a number of sensors located in areas where refrigerant  is expected to
accumulate in the event of a plant leak. These locations depend upon the layout of the machinery room and adjacent spaces, on the configuration
of the plant and also on the refrigerant in question.
Before selecting the appropriate gas detection equipment, a number of questions have to be answered:

Which gases has to be measured and in what quantities?
Which sensor principle is the most suitable?
How many sensors are needed?
Where and how shall they be positioned and calibrated?

Which alarm limits are appropriate?
 how many are required?
 How is the alarm   information processed?


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