Diesel Engines

The MAN Diesel (formerly MAN B&W Diesel) is the world’s leading provider of large-bore diesel engines for marine propulsion systems and power plant applications and turbochargers. The company designs two-stroke and four-stroke engines, generating sets, turbochargers, CP propellers and complete propulsion packages that are manufactured both by MAN Diesel and its licensees. The engines have outputs ranging from 450 to 97,300 kW of power. MAN Diesel employs over 7,000 staff, primarily in Germany, Denmark, France, the Czech Republic, India and China. The global after-sales organization, MAN Diesel PrimeServ, comprises a network of the company’s own service centres, supported by authorized partners.
MAN Diesel is a subsidiary of the German multi-national MAN AG corporation since 1980 when MAN acquired the Burmeister & Wain Danish shipyard and diesel engine producer, whose headquarters were in Copenhagen. The company still maintains operations at three main sites in Denmark for manufacturing, servicing, and licensing of its two-stroke engines and complete propulsion systems.

The diesel engines are heavy fuel oil, Diesel oil or natural gas operated.

Two stroke, low speed engines:
Radion supplies the MAN Diesel Low Speed engines with output ranging from 1,600 KW to 97,300 KW. These engines are used as main ship engines as well as propulsion system engines.

Four stroke, medium speed engines:
Radion supplies engines of the MAN Diesel make for use as main ship engines and generator (auxiliary) engines. The engines are of medium speed in the range of 750 RPM to 1000 RPM, with output ranging from 500 KW to 22,000 KW.
Radion also supplies high speed 4-stroke engines manufactured by MAN Diesel companies Ruston, Mirrless Blackstone & Paxman, of UK.

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